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The Learning Conference 2003

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Supporting Collaborative Assessment in Virtual Learning Environments

Efstratios T. Diamadis, George Polyzos.

Education is fundamentally a cooperative process. In traditional classrooms learning process directs three types of interactions: instructor-student, student-student and student-learning material. In the last years the inclusion of computers and communication technologies in education are bringing changes in educational process. New ways of interaction between students, study material and teachers are introduced. Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) has emerged as a new research field. In CSCL, learners work together in the form of groups to accomplish a shared or common goal. This goal is achieved through interdependence among group members rather than working alone. Each member is responsible for the outcome of the common goal. A significant research problem within CSCL is to measure whether the learning goal is reached. This paper focuses on collaborative assessment from the following points of view. First, it explores collaborative assessment as a part of the learning process. Second, it discusses issues related to the use of collaborative assessment in education. Finally, it suggests ways for efficient application of collaborative assessment activities in virtual learning environments (educational groupware).


Efstratios T. Diamadis  (Greece)
PhD Student
Department of Informatics
Athens University Of Economics and Business

George Polyzos  (Greece)

Department of Informatics
Athens University of Economics and Business

  • Collaborative Assessment
  • CSCL
  • Virtual Learning Environments

(Virtual Presentation, English)