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The Learning Conference 2003

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Enhancing Academic Achievement: Facilitating E-Portfolio Development

Dennis Anderson, Susan Feather, Christelle Scharff.

A unique program at Pace University provides educational opportunities to academically talented, but financially needy, students who are pursuing full-time degrees. This program emphasizes the importance of recruiting students into high-technology disciplines, mentoring and supporting students through improvement of their academic achievement and degree completion, and partnering with industry to facilitate student career placement in the high-technology workforce. This is especially important for American students as they need to work to support themselves.

E-portfolios are used as evaluation/assessment tools to evaluate students involved in the program. An E-portfolio resembles all the original concepts of a paper-based portfolio, except that the material is submitted electronically. These online collections of work are made available to a wide audience: students, professors, parents, administrators, and potential employers. Moreover, they showcase and provide evidence of a student's academic achievement.

Our student-centered approach involved splitting 29 students into 3 groups and assigning a mentor to each group. Students set their academic goals and develop E-portfolios in close collaboration with their mentor while taking advantage of a variety of support services, such as tutoring, study groups, etc. Mentors helped students set their academic goals and create their E-portfolios while ensuring their utilization of support services.

E-portfolios provided a means of reviewing the NFS scholar's progress and formed a basis for making recommendations regarding the need for further support services. During the first phase of this project (Fall 2002), we gathered and compared the following: academic performance (in particular GPA), student involvement in extracurricular activities, and applications to graduate schools.

The presenters of this workshop will describe their E-portfolio development model in detail and promote participant interaction in the following ways: they will break the workshop participants into groups, moderate the groups, and guide participants in coming up with ideas on the adaptation of the E-portfolio educational model for their own communities. The models developed by the different groups will then be shared with the entire group of workshop participants.


Dennis Anderson  (United States)
Professor & Associate Dean
School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Pace University

Professor Dennis Anderson is associate dean of Pace University's School of Computer Science and Information Systems and director of the
university's Center for Advanced Media, which conducts research, education and training in the area of multimedia technologies. The center's
work focuses on e-business, web development and web design and spans the spectrum from art to high technology. The center partners with
companies in greater New York. He also directs the Center for Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Computing.

Dr. Anderson received his Ph.D. and M.Phil from Columbia University, where he studied computer-aided and on-line distance learning. He also
received an Ed.M. in Instructional Technology and Media from Columbia University. In addition, Dr. Anderson holds an M.S. in Computer
Science from New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He also completed an executive-education program in
E-Commerce at Columbia University and a professional program in multimedia at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Susan Feather  (United States)

Pace University

Christelle Scharff  (United States)

Pace University

  • E-portfolios
  • Academic Achievement
  • Mentoring
  • Tutorial

(60 min Workshop, English)