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The Learning Conference 2003

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American Indian and Indigenous Altai Literacies

Prof. Anne Calhoon, Dr Cynthia Annett.

American Indian students need forms of cultural and social capital that supports their transitions to graduate study while remaining connected to their cultures. Providing the needed information for transitions to academic study is best supported when it involves inclusive mentoring and working with different formats for learning. We explore how our students met their learning needs and travelled to and from Southern Siberia's Altai Republic and to Kansas during two summers. Students exchanged cultural literacies during their work with one another.


Prof. Anne Calhoon  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies Kansas State University
Civil Society Group

J. Anne Calhoon (Cherokee) has a Ph. D. in Educational Psychology. She teaches literacy and sociocultural studies at the University of New Mexico.

Dr Cynthia Annett  (United States)

University of New Mexico

Cynthia Annett is a Research Associate at Kansas State University. She holds a Ph. D. in fisheries biology.

  • American Indian
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Learning styles
  • Mentoring

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