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The Learning Conference 2003

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A Teaching Strategy for Enhancing Critical Understandings of Texts for Students in Secondary Classrooms

Margie Duke.

Comprehension of text, whether printed or audio visual, is a difficult task for many students. To identify Discourses, Representations, etc, can become even more onerous. In an attempt to support secondary students in a critical understanding of how a particular text is operating in its cultural context, a teaching strategy called a three level guide, developed by Bert Morris and Nea Stewart-Dawe in the 1980s has been modified. This workshop shares a strategy that helps students, in a collaborative way, to access texts at a critical level.


Margie Duke  (Australia)
Classroom Secondary Teacher and Sectretary ETAQ
Keebra Park State High School
Education Queensland

I have been a classroom English teacher, teaching in Secondary Schools in Queensland, Australia. I have been the Secretary fo the English Teachers Of Queensland for the last four years.

  • Comprehension
  • Teaching Strategy
  • Three Level Guide
  • Critical Understanding
  • Cultural Context

(60 min Workshop, English)