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The Learning Conference 2003

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Using Technology to Increase Student-Teacher Interaction

George Drops.

Technology, when used properly, can both improve face-to-face interaction and increase student learning. PowerPoint software is usually used by both teachers and students to deliver a presentation without much interaction between the two except for listening to lectures and reports. This session will identify the four levels of interaction using PowerPoint presentations and demonstrate how to shift from the transfer of knowledge by the instructor to the construction of new knowledge by students.


George Drops  (United States)
Associate Professor
School of Business and Information Management
National University

George Drops is an Associate Professor in the School of Business and Information Management at National University. He is also Director of the Center for the Improvement of Teaching Effectiveness, responsible for training faculty to teach adult learners in a one-course-a-month delivery system.

  • The Learning Paradigm
  • Interactive Technology
  • Knowledge Construction

(30 min Conference Paper, English)