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The Learning Conference 2003

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University in Transition: Managing the Transition from Traditional Model to Market Model - An Administrative Perspective

Philip Craig.

A University in Transition – Managing the Transition from Traditional model to Market model; An administrative perspective.

Universities in the Australian context are facing an array of challenges from regional, national and global levels. The challenges include those that are commonplace internationally and some specific to the Australian context. Some of the challenges include:
- Globalization,
- Financial constraints,
- Global competition for traditional student markets,
- Demands for increased levels of equity, quality and transparency,
- Technological changes,
- Universities role in society,
- Society's demand for expert opinion in complex times.

The case study to be presented is set in a University, which has responded to these challenges by changing its operation from a traditional model to market-based model.

The University has previously operated on a model based on disciplines run by academics and is now making the transition to a University run on business lines. Within this shift is the desire to dissolve the traditional boundaries between academic and administrative roles and the boundaries between traditional Departments. The dissolving of boundaries is intended to develop a more responsive University that can adapt quickly to demand and position itself to service new markets and better meet stakeholder needs.

In the framework of the transition to the market model the University has relied heavily on system changes to assist structural changes in the organization and to meet the challenges it faces. In this case study the administrative perspective of managing the transition through the changes in systems will be presented.

The experience in managing this transition, within the Australian context, can also be translated to other environments across the globe.


Philip Craig  (Australia)
Project Officer, Office of the Dean
Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services
RMIT University

Administrator with 24 years experience over the Public and Private sectors, including Local and State Government authorities and Tertiary institutions.

  • Administration
  • Administrator
  • Transition
  • Traditional model
  • Market model
  • Systems
  • Change management
  • Financial
  • Roles

(30 min Conference Paper, English)