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The Learning Conference 2003

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Making Industry, and Other Workplaces, Meaningful in College

Rose Marie Lynch, Dorene Perez.

Making Industry Meaningful in College is an adaptable, interdisciplinary concept designed to assist students in making the connection from school to the workplace. The faculty at Illinois Valley Community College developed MIMIC to provide students with hands-on experiences in their fields, training in and opportunities to develop teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and state-of-the-art technology skills.

The original industry project teams students in engineering design, electronics, accounting, marketing and other business areas in companies to select, design, manufacture, market and sell products.

A second, MIMIC-Service, teamed students in early childhood, educational psychology and business to organize and deliver a day camp.

The newest project, MIMIC-Theatre, integrates students in theatre, electronics, engineering design, English, graphic design and business to design and build a puppet theatre and puppets and to write and produce a play.

While much of the work is completed as projects within classes in their fields, students from the diverse disciplines work together throughout the projects. In MIMIC-Industry, the students' classes meet at a common time to allow the student companies to meet. In MIMIC-Theatre, the students consult as needed over two semesters. Design and electronics students, for example, work with theatre students to learn theatre materials, design elements, and stage lighting zones. As materials are being selected, technology students consult with accounting students about expenditures. Major goals for this interaction include allowing students to experience how people in other disciplines think and work and encouraging students to adapt and communicate more effectively with people outside of their disciplines.

This presentation will emphasize how adaptable the MIMIC concept is, by focusing on how the projects are organized, supervised, assessed, financed and integrated into the curriculum.


Rose Marie Lynch  (United States)
Instructor of English
Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Illinois Valley Community College

Rose Marie Lynch, an instructor of English, co-directs the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, co-leads the Tech Prep Team that sponsors MIMIC, and serves as a Consultant for Special Projects at Illinois Valley Community College. She retired as an instructor of journalism and advisor of the student newspaper.

Dorene Perez  (United States)
Program Director and Instructor of Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Engineering
Division of Business and Engineering
Illinois Valley Community College

Dorene Perez is the Program Director/Instructor of Computer Aided design/Computer Aided Engineering at Illinois Valley Community College. An organizer of MIMIC, she co-leads the Tech Prep Team that sponsors MIMIC. Previously she was the Computer Aided Design Manager for Conco-Tellus.

  • Curriculum Integration
  • Teamwork
  • Higher Education

(Virtual Presentation, English)