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The Learning Conference 2003

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Discipline-based Information Literacy and the Lifelong Learner

Professor Deborah V. Dolan, Professor Georgina Martorella.

The concept of educating students to become lifelong learners has been widely discussed and endorsed in the educational community. A key component of lifelong learning is information literacy-defined as the ability to identify information needs, locate required information, evaluate the quality of that information and effectively use it within the educational and larger social framework. The information-literate, lifelong learner is better equipped to achieve in and contribute to formal and informal educational endeavors, participate in democratic processes, and manage the challenges of an information-rich environment.

This presentation will examine the value of embedding information literacy within both undergraduate and graduate programs and its relationship to lifelong learning. Information literacy is best achieved within the context of a particular discipline, rather than a generic format. Requiring such literacy within a discipline both increases the theoretical understanding and functioning of the learner within their chosen field as well as providing a framework that enables the learner to develop a conceptual information model. Once established, this information model is transferable to other areas of the lifelong learning process.


Professor Deborah V. Dolan  (United States)
Assistant Professor, Social Science Librarian
Axinn Library
Hofstra University

Professor Georgina Martorella  (United States)
Assistant Professor, Government Documents Librarian
Axinn Library
Hofstra University

  • Information Literacy
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Discipline-based

(30 min Conference Paper, English)