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The Learning Conference 2003

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What I'm Learning as I Read, and What I Hope My Students Are Learning Too

Lin Enger.

Our early reading experiences tend to involve a journeying out into places and situations well-removed from our own small universe; they allow us, then, to clone ourselves many times over and experience lives we were not born into. Inevitably, though, we begin to recognize ourselves in the pages we read, a validating, if sometimes disturbing experience: what a relief to know we are not alone, yet how uncomfortable to confront our peronsal and cultural shadows. Finally, literature's most profound work might be to confirm the possibility of transcendence, freedom from material limitations, whether that freedom be construed as a journey outward or a journey inwar


Lin Enger  (United States)
Associate Professor
English Department
Minnesota State University Moorhead

MFA University of Iowa
Associate Professor, English, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Fiction published in Ascent, Glimmer Train Stories, American Fiction, Great River Review, Wolf Head Quarterly, and other literary journals

  • imaginative literature
  • self-knowledge
  • cultural diversity
  • shadows, personal and cultural

(30 min Conference Paper, English)