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The Learning Conference 2003

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External Structures of Knowledge – the New Strategy and Technology of Learning

Mariusz Kakolewicz.

Coming from the theories of cognitivism and constructivism author propose a new strat-egy (theory?) of learning which supports memorizing, organizing and reconstructing cognitive structures. Interacting with media materials (in the future mainly Web resources), educational environment and the previous knowledge is the source of intellectual and manual activities, reflections and emotions which are generating new knowledge.
The emerging new information technologies (combining PDA or tablet PC with voice and handwriting recognition, built in cameras and third generation of GSM) will allow a learning individual to make notes in different media forms (words, pictures, sounds etc.) and to organ-ize them into multidimensional hypermedia structures called (by author) External Structures of Knowledge - ESK. The process of making short records and constructing ESK represents individual intellectual abilities, preferences and learning style.
The main hypothesis of the proposed strategy of learning is that systematic building (by noting) and organizing (by creating and recreating hyperlinks) own “knowledge” in ESK effi-ciently supports mental processes and develops the cognitive structures. The “knowledge” collected during whole life, readily available and easy to process will encourage and helps the individual to go “beyond the information given”. It also seems to correspond strongly with the idea of life long learning.


Mariusz Kakolewicz  (Poland)

Technology of Education Deptartment
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

MSc in telecommunication, PhD in education science.
Lecturing , research work and publications in the field of IT in education, media education and educational technology. Academic experience in UK, Germany and Israel. V-ce president of Polish Association of Technology and Media Education.

  • Constructivism
  • Cognitive structures
  • Mental processes
  • Structures of knowledge
  • Strategy of learning
  • Learning style
  • Information technology
  • Hypermedia

(30 min Conference Paper, English)