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The Learning Conference 2003

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Problems & Good Practice in Education Provision for Adult Travellers: The Wakefield Kushti Project.

Barbara Hately-Broad.

This presentation considers the problems encountered in the setting up of education provision focusing on embedded basic skills for the adult traveller population in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Delivery of the project has been carried out on the Heath Common Site in Wakefield and, originally, was geared towards both male and female travellers. The paper considers the initial problems encountered in establishing the provision and the ways in which these were dealt with together with good practice which has resulted from this work. In considering the nature of the educational opportunities, the project has taken into consideration potential barriers to learning for this particular learner group and ways in which they can be circumvented as well as considering relevant learning styles and strategies.


Barbara Hately-Broad  (United Kingdom)
Senior Lecturer
School of Education & Professional Development
University of Huddersfield

Barbara Hately is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education & professinal Development at Huddersfield University. In addition to her work in the area of adult basic skills, she has also published & presented papers relating to the British government treatment of prisoner of war families during WWII

  • embedded basic skills
  • travellers
  • barriers to learning

(30 min Conference Paper, English)