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The Learning Conference 2003

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Developing a Learning Object Generator (LOG) for Direct Support of Teaching and Learning: Preliminary Report

Fabio J. Chacon, Dr Al Valbuena.

Learning Objects (LOs), as an instructional technology innovation, present a potential solution to the vast need of creating and sharing of Web-based instructional materials by educational institutions. Two instructional technology researchers of Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS) proposed an applied research project for creation of a novel software tool termed the Learning Object Generator (LOG). This tool assists teachers and students in selecting and creating shareable technology-based multimedia resources without requiring specialized skills in instructional design and programming. With this tool, teachers and students are empowered to: 1) develop sequences of effective technology-based multimedia instruction by using interactive learning templates; 2) select LOs from repositories of knowledge; 3) combine them in sequences of instruction to form complete courses; and, 4) adapt the instruction to different contents, contexts and audiences, 5) generate standards-based interchange objects and 6) deliver them using existing course management systems. As one of the first studies dealing with automated creation of LOs by the end users, namely teachers and students, it represents pioneering research in applied Information Technology to the quality and efficiency of instruction. This is an ongoing research, of which the authors will present preliminary report: theoretical framework, taxonomy of learning templates for design automation, pilot applications in college classes and formative assessment.


Fabio J. Chacon  (United States)
Instructional Technologist
Office of Information Technology
Franciscan University of Steubenville

Dr. Fabio J. Chacón (born 1948) is a contracted Instructional Technology Specialist and researcher at Franciscan University of Steubenville. In this institution, he has developed a plan for a Virtual University and a Learning Object Generator project. Additionally, he has presented plans for an Integrated University Information System, Prospect Tracking Module and Faculty Evaluation System. For 3 years, he was Adjunct Professor of Nova Southeastern University to the Doctoral Program in Instructional Technology of Distance Education
Formerly in Venezuela, his native country, he was Corporate Training Manager of INTESA, a consultant company in the IT field with focus on the Oil Industry. Intesa is member of United States SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation). In this job, he developed a skills assessment system and an online campus for more than 1,600 employees.
Dr. Chacon’s career as practitioner and researcher combines the fields of Psychology of Learning, Educational Technology, Distance Education, Higher Education and Computer Applications in Education. He completed a Ph.D. in Higher Education (1985) in the Pennsylvania State University, with a dissertation on A Model of Multivariable of Evaluation in Distance Education. At the Open University of the United Kingdom, he performed a post-doctoral study on a Taxonomy of Computer Media for Distance Education.
He has been a consultant to a number of organizations in the fields of Distance Education, Computer Applications to Education and Program Evaluation. He was consultant to UNESCO in Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua and Russia. Additionally, and worked in faculty development programs of several Latin American countries. He received international distinctions, such as Visiting Lecturer of the German Department of Academic Exchange (1973); Research Scholarship by the Fulbright Foundation. (1983); Research Grant of Foundation Rómulo Gallegos of Venezuela for a Study on Latin American Distance Universities (1987); Academic Excellency Award by the British Council (1990); Grant of the ITT Foundation of the United States for a project about a curriculum for Computer Education and Telecommunications in Higher Education (1996).
Along his career, he has also worked alternatively in the capacities of professor, educational researcher, and manager in Venezuelan institutions: University of Zulia, National Institute of Training for Oil Industry (INAPET), National Open University (UNA) and the International Center of Education and Development (CIED), and University of Carabobo. These functions have included teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels, faculty development, designing curriculum programs, developing instructional materials (texts, video and software), performing quantitative and qualitative research, and managing complex projects.
His areas of interest in research are distance education, multimedia development, virtual learning systems, educational evaluation and assessment. He has more than 40 national and international publications in these fields.

Dr Al Valbuena  (United States)
Executive Director, IT
Information Technology
Franciscan University

  • Learning objects
  • Computer-aided instructional Design
  • Knowledge management, Interoperability
  • Shareability
  • Learning templates
  • Learning tools.

(30 min Conference Paper, English)