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The Learning Conference 2003

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Music lessons over IP networks: teaching music over the Internet

Richard Hornsby.

There have been various experiments over the last few years in using the internet to deliver course instruction at a distance. The experiments outlined here were to see if currnet software and hardware configurations available would be of a good enough quality to satisfy the interests and needs of a private music lesson.

These interests included high quality sound and high quality video, ease of use and affordability.

Experiments were conducted between two universities in Canada beginning in the winter of 2002. Two professors first tested the video-conferencing system with each other, speaking, playing, observing and commenting on the pros and cons of the system as we found it. The next step waa to involve students in model lessons with the professors taking on the role of evaluator.

Conclusions were drawn from these experiments as to the suitability of the system for lessons over a sustained period of time. Indications were that this could be an exciting new medium for music lesson deivery, allowing for good teacher/student interaction and breaking down the issue of distance and avialability of quality teachers, an important factor in a large country such as Canada.


Richard Hornsby  (Canada)
Director of Music

University of New Brunswick

  • Music
  • Music technology
  • Music instruction
  • IP networks
  • music lessons
  • private music lessons

(30 min Conference Paper, English)