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The Learning Conference 2003

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Constructing Knowledge Through Online Bulletin Board Discussions: Implications for Web-based Course Design and Management

Dr. Adams B. Bodomo, Carmen K. M. Lee.

This paper reports on learner activities in a web-based course on the relationship between Language and Information Technology for undergraduate students of Linguistics. Student activities involving bulletin board discussions, among others, are analyzed with a view to calibrating the transformation process towards a student-centered class where students actively constructed knowledge from active interaction with each other, their teacher, and online resources. This study documents the process of gradual transformation into an interactive class in which it is argued that initiative and innovation are important ingredients in this transformation process, and that web-based course designers must thus develop ways of encouraging initiative and innovation in their course design and management. One of such ways is to actively promote a sense of community among learners.


Dr. Adams B. Bodomo  (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China)
Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics
The University of Hong Kong

Adams Bodomo is Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics, University of Hong Kong. He specializes in theoretical linguistics, Language and Literacy, and Language and Information Technology. His research projects include Linguistic Features of Mobile Phone Communication, The Use of Information Technology in Teaching Language and Linguistics Courses, and Complex Predicates and Serial Verbs across Languages: Issues of Syntax, Semantics, and Information Structure.

Carmen K. M. Lee  (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China)
Research Assistant
Department of Linguistics
The University of Hong Kong

Carmen Lee is Research Assistant at the Department of Linguistics, University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include the linguistic features of computer-mediated communication, and the relationship between language and literacy education in the age of information technology. Her M.Phil thesis examines Chinese and English computer-mediated communication in Hong Kong within the theoretical framework of New Literacy Studies.

  • Web-based Learning,
  • Knowledge Construction,
  • Student-centered Class,
  • Online Bulletin Board, Transformation

(30 min Conference Paper, English)