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The Learning Conference 2003

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Technological Literacy: Training Reluctant Learners

Jeanne Holba Puacz.

Technology is, increasingly, a fact of life in today’s world; however, there are still many persons who are reluctant to use technology. Many of these individuals do not understand technology and are, thus, intimidated by it. This intimidation often leads to avoidance. The lack of such technology skills, skills that will be all but essential in the near future, put these individuals at a distinct disadvantage. In fact, these persons could be considered, in a sense, illiterate. Although not illiteracy in the traditional sense, technological illiteracy is a real issue that must be addressed. How can we, as educators, combat this illiteracy? This session will share ideas about how to reach and teach techno-timid learners. It will attempt to provide a framework that can be used in training to help turn technophobes into technophiles.


Jeanne Holba Puacz  (United States)
Reference & Systems Librarian
Reference Department
Vigo County Public Library

  • technological literacy
  • technology training

(30 min Conference Paper, English)