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The Learning Conference 2003

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Enhancing Cultural Divesity in the K-12 Classroom:: What to Teach and How to Teach It

Dr. Barbara A. Sposet.

Predicated on the changing demographics of the United States (i.e. Hispanics will become the predominant minority-majority by 2010), the author will share her research with middle school students (age 12) and the impact of foreign language study on the development of culture learning, the ability to interact with others different than oneself. Her presentation will touch on the theories of Hanvey, Piaget, Selman, Katz and Hoopes as well as current research on the development of the brain from birth to age 10.

Dr. Sposet will also discuss four instructional strategies (concept attainment, concept formation, guided inquiry and synectics) that actively engage students in the culturally-diverse classroom by drawing on their prior knowledge, experiences and learning styles. The author will provide examples and explanations of lessons which, by combining one or more of the strategies with direct instruction, can enhance culturally-relevant teaching.


Dr. Barbara A. Sposet  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Division of Professional Education
Notre Dame College of Ohio

Dr. Sposet is an assistant professor of education at Notre Dame College of Ohio. She is the coordinator of the middle school licensure program and serves as division chair. She is the author of numerous articles and a regular presenter at local, state and national conferences.

  • Culture learning
  • Middle school
  • Foreign language programs Culturally-relevant teaching

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