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The Learning Conference 2003

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Online Learning in the Languages Curriculum

Laura Hougaz.

In order to comply with Swinburne University’s learning and teaching policy, staff are encouraged to utilize a and introduce more flexibility in approaches to teaching. The challenge for staff teaching languages is how to adapt this system in a creative way, but more importantly how to achieve a positive and fruitful educational outcome. Students enrolled in 2002 in two first year university Italian language subjects were required to submit to the student online forum, a review of an article/website/book relevant to the ‘history’ component of the subjects. The reviews formed part of the overall student assessment. Students volunteered to have their work used as research data in this study. Their work was content-analyzed using Henri’s (1992) approach to the analysis of cognitive processes, through the identification of reasoning skills indicated in the text of the students’ messages. The results are reported in this paper and a number of implications for teaching and learning are discussed.


Laura Hougaz  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer in Italian & European Studies
School of Business
Swinburne University of Technology

Laura Hougaz is an applied linguist with extensive experience in undergraduate teaching, specializing in the teaching of the Italian language and Italian cultural subjects.
Her main interests are in the areas of second language acquisition, curriculum design, student learning styles and more recently the Italian 'business' language and culture.

  • Online learning
  • Online student assessment

(30min Paper, English)