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The Learning Conference 2003

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Transferable Skills in the Curriculum: UK and Australian Academic and Student Perspectives

Zelma Bone.

The formal development of transferable skills in the university curriculum has been well established in the UK but only recently been a focus in Australian universities. The resulting curriculum reforms and intitatives have lead to significant changes to teaching, assessment practices and recording systems. This can involve major cultural and administrative changes. What do the academics and students think about these changes? This paper case studies the academic and student perspectives in a UK university and an Australian univeristy.


Zelma Bone  (Australia)
Lecturer in Management Communication
Faculty of Rural Management
The University of Sydney

I have been an educator for 25 years working in a variety of contexts: high school (Social Sciences), TAFE (Labour Market Programs) and now university (Management Communication).

  • Transferable skills
  • Curriculum reforms
  • Quality of student learning
  • capabilities
  • Portfolios and progress files

(Virtual Presentation, English)