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The Learning Conference 2003

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Using a Web-based Tool to Monitor Educational Usage of GIS Mapping

Dr David S. Brown.

In a recent summer academy, teachers and students were taught how to use a Geographic Information System (GIS) to collect, analyze and depict local and world-wide data. Teachers were taught GIS mapping techniques then worked with university faculty to design a two-week, project-based learning academy for the incoming 8th and 9th grade students. For two weeks, the middle and high school students used GIS mapping for teacher-designed as well as student-designed projects. In line with National Science Teaching Standards, all projects were designed around real-life data, either collected by the students themselves, or taken from available databases of the web. Participants worked in small groups to collected data, design their own projects, and presented their findings. After leaving the academy, a handful of student and teacher participants were instructed on the use of a Web-based organizational tool. The tool was designed to continue communication among participants as well as track the usage of the technology by teachers and students. The Web-based tool allows students and teachers and faculty to communicate with one another throughout the course of the school year. Communication was encouraged to provide technology support on using GIS in the classroom as well as a monthly completion of a survey relaying the amount of technology used each month by each participant. Results from the pre-and post-survey showed students (M=4.85, SD=.24) and teachers (M=4.87, SD=.31) felt GIS mapping was very relevant to real-world contexts. Results on the usage of the web-based tool show 85% of the participants using the chat room on a monthly basis to communicate with one another, 100% of the subjects completing the survey each month, and 50% of the participants having used GIS mapping since returning to their home schools. Each month, students and teachers continue to report on their usage of GIS mapping in their schools.


Dr David S. Brown  (United States)
Assistant Professor
School of Education
The University of Tulsa

David has been teaching graduate and undergraduate education students at the University of Tulsa for the past three years.
David comes to TU after teaching high school earth science and geology for the past 12 years, bringing real life experiences with him.
He works with all science majors at TU yet his specialty is geology and earth science.
David has recently become invovled with teaching GIS mapping to teachers and students.

  • GIS mapping
  • Web-based tools
  • Middle school students
  • Technology
  • Monitor technology usage
Person as Subject
  • 8th and 9th grade students and teachers

(Virtual Presentation, English)