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The Learning Conference 2003

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New Spaces for Learning

Heather Robson.

Any form of interaction with information is a learning experience building on the individual's own personal experiences and previous knowledge and thus a transformation of the information into personal understanding. Learning can be determined as a social and cultural process, engaging individuals at all levels and by presenting them with opportunities within their own community and into their everyday lives.
This paper explores the use of visual art in an electronic format as a means to foster a culture of lifelong learning. A "new space", through technology and new media, has been created for art and the individual (COE: 97). The growth of this "new space" is supported by the British Government's commitment to facilitate the learning society by the use of ICTs, making access to information for all implicit. This "new space" made up of two distinct components, the physical and the virtual, allows art to become an [inter] active information source entering the world of the individual, literally bringing access into their world the community and empowering individual's to become users.
By offering an experience away from a formal structure and location and creating informal places of learning within the community, the focus can be directed onto the individual's own interests and the context in which the learning experience occurs.
"Council of Europe (1997) The Artist the Citizen the Entrepreneur [online] Europe Available from URL: [Accessed October 1999]."


Heather Robson  (United Kingdom)
Lecturer in Arts and Information Studies, Doctoral Student
Information Communication Studies, School of Informatics & School of Arts and Social Sciences
Northumbria University

Part time Lecturer in the schools of Art and Social Sciences and Informatics. Teaching, Virtual Gallery, ICT for Arts Managers, Libraries and Culture, Information and the Management of the National Cultural Heritage.
Doctoral Student exploring within the framework of the learning society the value to the individual of access to digitised visual art within a community.

  • New space
  • Visual art
  • Community
  • Individual
  • Learning experience

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