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The Learning Conference 2003

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Attitudinal obstacles to the development of the educational potential of NT in Greece

Vassilios Dagdilelis, Eo Aggouri.

New technology is impacting upon education at an ever increasing rate, something that is becoming widely recognised and which is especially applicable to developed countries where NT is being integrated in different degrees into the mainstream educational system. Teacher training is obviously a key factor in the success of this process resulting in the creation of such programmes in both public and private institutions based on teachers’ willingness to be trained and, if necessary, to pay.

Naturally these programmes vary enormously in duration, content and methodology, making the evaluation of outcomes difficult. While recognising the variability of the programmes and the difficulties inherent in evaluation, this research aims at measuring their effectiveness and the attitudes of the teachers involved by means of questionnaires and interviews. The research is still in progress but some trends are emerging which are clearly discernible in the results so far.

These results indicate that many teachers, despite the orientation of the seminars they participate in, still tend to regard NT basically as a combination of a subject in its own right to be added to the traditional curriculum and as an accessory facilitating traditional teaching methods for other subjects. While others seem to appreciate that NT has possibilities of revolutionising materials preparation and methods of presentation in the classroom, few seem to have taken on board the potential to transform the learning process itself by allowing students to explore interactive learning processes.

The results show that the percentage of teachers with an open mind to the full potential of computer related learning is very small and the research flags up other characteristic trends which could be of use in evaluating training and more importantly in designing the duration, content and aims of future training programmes.


Vassilios Dagdilelis

Eo Aggouri

  • New Technology in Education
  • Teacher Training

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