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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Learning Wheel: Multicultural Intelligences to Accelerate Learning

Dr. Annabelle Nelson.

Come experience the Learning Wheel, a mutlicultural multiple intelligence model that combines behavioral psychology, imagery research, higher order thinking skills, creativity research, brain physiology research on the unconscious and Jungian and Yogic thought. Through the organization of the wheel, found in all ancient societies around the wold, the diverse ways of knowing valued by cultures of the world come together to create a dynamic learning tool. Modalities include movement, art, storytelling, mind mapping, imagery and creative projects.Participants will experience practical applications.


Dr. Annabelle Nelson  (United States)
School of Human and Organization Development
Fielding Graduate Institute

Annabelle has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology. She is a professor and the president of a non profit that uses storytelling to empower young people. She has taught in India. Her speciality is multicultural and intuitive modes of learning.

  • Multicultural learning Accelerated learning
  • Expanded intelligence

(60 min Workshop, English)