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The Learning Conference 2003

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"Logs for Latin and learning for life"

Michael Johnson.

For the undergraduate student of average academic ability few things are more demoralizing than poorly designed courses
and unclear expectations for out-of-class assignments. This presentation will focus on a very pragmatic approach to
facing these challenges that I have taken in the second half of my three decades of experience in teaching Latin and the Classics.

Homework logs are at the heart of my process for designing both overall syllabi and individual assignments: one drives the other.

While the principle of a log is applicable to any course, this presentation includes a brief account of a unique outcome from keeping one such log:
tracking a class project (a Latin website)influenced a technical breakthrough which is now literally saving lives worldwide. The impact of classroom
learning can be exponential and the value of a simple log can be far-reaching!


Michael Johnson  (United States)
Associate Professor
Modern and Classical Languages Department
Buffalo State College

Teacher and researcher in the
fields of Classics, Medieval
Studies, Biblical literature,
Science Fiction and Children's
Literature. Past chair of the
Department of Modern and Classical
Languages at Buffalo State College.
Recipient of the Chancellor's Award
for Excellence in Teaching (2002).

  • Course design
  • Homework logs
  • Classics
  • Latin
  • website

(30 min Conference Paper, English)