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The Learning Conference 2003

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Introducing Problem-Based Learning into Computer Science Lectures: a Malaysian Experiment

Chaw Seng Woo.

The Problem-based learning (PBL) approach had been practiced by many medical faculties throughout the world for many years. It provides a new method of learning which emphasize on both the learning process and the learning outcome. The introduction of PBL approach into computer science lectures gives new hopes as well as challenges to the students and lecturers. It is believed that PBL will become a popular way of learning in the era of globalization and the advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT)…….


Chaw Seng Woo  (Malaysia)
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
University of Malaya

C.S.Woo is a lecturer and researcher in the area of computer science. He is a member of IEEE and ACM.

  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Computer Science
  • Malaysia
  • Learning Approach

(30 min Conference Paper, English)