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The Learning Conference 2003

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Effectiveness of a Technology Mediated Classroom: :Adult Learners' Perceptions of an Interactive Instructional Television Class

Patty M. Reed, Dr Peggy Doviak.

The study examined the use of interactive instructional television (IITV) in an adult learning environment. Students were enrolled in a course through a national training center for a major company in the United States working in conjunction with the College of Continuing Education at a local university.. Participants were asked to respond to questionnaires and surveys involving the positive issues as well as the challenging ones when taking a class via IITV. Some of the areas in the study addressed student to student interaction, student to instructor interaction as well as students' individual concentration and expections of the educational format. The instructor was also surveyed as to her perceptions of expectations, development, and effectiveness of the IITV leraning environment.


Patty M. Reed  (United States)
English Department
Louisiana State University

Dr Peggy Doviak  (United States)
Educational Specialist

University of Oklahoma

  • Distance learning
  • Interactive instructional television
  • Adult learners

(Virtual Presentation, English)