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The Learning Conference 2003

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Teaching Mathematics Online

Dr Sally Robison.

Research will be shared on data collected from instructors and students during the delivery of two separate math related subjects, Algebra I through a Florida Virtual High School online program and Elementary Mathematics Methods through Florida Atlantic University’s web assisted courses. Teaching mathematics through distance learning is generating a new dimension and avenue for mathematics educators. As more and more students become computer savvy, what we teach and how we teach is evolving. So what have we learned and what are the qualities students need to be successful taking mathematics online? This presentation will highlight the results of two recent studies that looked at the student experiences with online learning, determined predictors of success in taking online courses, and the future implications and suggestions for mathematics education resulting from this novel mode of instructional delivery.


Dr Sally Robison  (United States)
Asst. Professor of Mathematics Education
College of Education
Florida Atlantic University

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education K-16
Research interests include Improvements in Mathematics Teaching K-16, Technology Usage, Misconceptions in Mathematics, and TESOL Mathematics

  • Online learning
  • Distance Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Teaching Algebra

(30 min Conference Paper, English)