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The Learning Conference 2003

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Conation and Social Environment in Literacy Development

Raymond F. Morgan.

Both affective and cognitive aspects of development must be considered for effective literacy instruction. But recent studies have shown that conative factors of determination, persistence and will, must be present for a child to function cognitively. Research will be reviewed which calls for conation to be considered as a separate and important domain. A model of literacy development by Fleener, will be presented that integrates conation, cognition, affect, and the social environment as interactive domains that create a synergistic approach for successful literacy teaching and learning.
Currently researchers are calling for teachers not to ignore the affective domain and the role of social interaction when using new technologies in the classroom for teaching the skills of reading and writing. In addition, researchers have called for the recognition of conation as a separate and distinct domain in curriculum decision-making in literacy.
This paper will describe past research related to the conative domain, present a theoretical model for the integration of conation into the social environment, and present preliminary findings of a study by these researchers to isolate differences in persistent and non-persistent readers with a newly developed conative continuum rubric from high conative involvement to low conative involvement for high and low achieving literacy learners.


Raymond F. Morgan  (United States)
Professor of Education
Educational Curriculum and Instruction
Old Dominion University

Professor of Reading Education at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. since 1974. Author of 13 textbooks in reading education and psychology. Over 60 publications in reading education. Have been the recipient of over 3.7 million dollars in grants for service and research. Member of Marquis Who's Who in America, Phi Kappa Phi, the National Society for the Study of Education, Who's Who in American Education. Have conducted over 1000 speeches, workshops, and consultancies in both in and outside the United States. Live in Va. Beach, Virginia with wife Sue and two sons, Jonathan and Christopher.

  • Conation
  • Cognitive
  • Affective

(30 min Conference Paper, English)