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The Learning Conference 2003

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Implementation A Problem Based Learning For Undergraduate Course: A First Experience

Rafidah Md.Noor.

Problem Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional method that challenges students to "learn to learn" and work cooperatively in groups to seek solutions in real world problems. PBL prepares students to think critically and analytically, and to find and use appropriate learning resources. This paper will describe first experience for both lecturer and students for networking course, WRES3308 Network Design and Management. In development phase, each group consists of 5 to 6 students and they are given issues or problems that they have to investigate. Besides that, the students are able to identify skills and knowledge that are related to the subject given. They need to address the issue and synthesize the knowledge to produce result. The evaluations used throughout the course are based on student presentation, student learning journal, participation in group discussion, final group problem report, preparation for group’s discussion, communication, contributions and responsibilities. Implementation of this methodology can direct student’s learning experiences and it is a challenge for them.


Rafidah Md.Noor  (Malaysia)
System & Technology Computer

I received my Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from University Utara Malaysia, Sintok and later I further my study at University of Technology Malaysia, Skudai in Master Degree of Science (Computer Science).

I am currently a junior lecturer in the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya. Before that, I worked with private college in Seremban and Kuala Lumpur for almost 2 ½ years as a lecturer and a tutor at University Putra Malaysia.

My research interests include designing a wireless network, mobile IP and Bluetooth technology. I am currently involved in research project in the area of implementing a wireless network for my faculty.

  • Problem Based Learning
  • Critical thinking

(30 min Conference Paper, English)