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The Learning Conference 2003

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Issues and Practice in ESL Education in Multicultural Classrooms: Teacher Development for Multicultural Education

Diana Dorantes Salas de Fischer.

The situation & needs of ESL and mainstream teachers in the area of the Red River Valley in North Dakota & Minnesota, USA identified through personal & classroom observations, interviews, ESL teachers’ journals, and teachers’ surveys.

I propose action research involving disciplined reflection on classroom data & experiences in collaboration with university researchers ESL & mainstream teachers to promote their own personal & professional growth.

I address the important role of materials writing to contextualise learning & to develop positive attitudes to avoid prejudice & stereotyped misconceptions.

I conclude that action research and learning, linked to teacher development in multicultural teaching, opens teachers’ minds to appreciate diversity, helps them to understand that we do not live isolated, that our local problems are now world problems, which can only be solved by reaching hands together and working collaboratively aware of our global interdependence.


Diana Dorantes Salas de Fischer  (United States)
Instructor in Spanish and Methods for Modern Languages
Department of Spanish & Department of Education
Concordia College

Born in Mexico, D.F. BEd Elementary Ed (Mex); BPhilEd ELT & MEd TTELT (UK); Instructor in English & Spanish, UABCS, Mex; Visiting Instructor in Spanish & ESL Teacher Trainer, VCSU, USA; Instructor in Spanish & Methods for Modern Languages, Concordia College, USA. Works published: Authentic Materials for English Language Teaching: Spanish for Foreigners Manual, Materials for Marine Science Students in Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur, La TeleCocina de Diana;: Using Formal Commands in Spanish, Becoming More Tolerant, Teacher Development for Multicultural Education

  • Student Needs
  • Multicultural Classrooms

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