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The Learning Conference 2003

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Integration of Language and Content in Elementary World Language Classrooms? : Teachers’ Backgrounds, Beliefs, and Classroom Practices

Ginny Huang, Glenn Morgan.

In view of the rapidly shrinking, interdependent world of the 21st Century, foreign language teaching is charged with a shift of focus from language acquisition to broader learning experiences for students. The US National Standards for Foreign Language Learning clearly identify language and culture as the dual goals of a language program and explicitly promote “a focus on content (i.e., gaining access to information in a range of areas of inquiry and human activity)” as an important element of foreign language instruction (Standards for Foreign Language Learning, 1996). Then, what is the reality in the field? How do teachers embrace the idea of integration of language and content? In research areas, few studies exist to address such questions at the elementary level.

The proposed paper intends to investigate the status of integrated approach to teaching language and content at the elementary level in the United States. The issue will be addressed from two angles: 1) teachers’ backgrounds and beliefs; 2) instructional practices in the classroom. Specific questions that guide the study include: What is the impact of the five Cs in the national standards on teachers’ beliefs and practices? What is the status of the dual goals of language learning in teachers’ belief system? How does a teacher’s training impact his/her belief? What is the connection between beliefs and actual instructional practices? The study provide implications for pre- and in-service teaching training and raises questions for further studies in relation to systematic integration of language and content in classrooms.


Ginny Huang  (United States)
Assisstant Professor in Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction School of Education
Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA

Jingzi Huang earned her Ph.D from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She had taught EFL in China and served as a an ESL and foreign language teacher in a Canadian public secondary school for years before joining the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Monmouth University in the US as an assistant professor. While teaching courses in Secondary Content Literacy and Curriculum and Instruction at the graduate and undergraduate levels, she has presented at numerous conferences and published in the areas of applied linguistics and language education.

Glenn Morgan

Glenn Morgan is an Assistant Professor at Monmouth University with various administrative experiences in both higher education and public school systems. His research interests include leadership and organizational theory, practice, and policy. He has collaborated on articles on professional development schools, reflective practice for graduate students, bilingual education and is currently working on a study of school leadership and teacher efficacy.

  • Foreign Language Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Content Based Language Instruction
  • Elementary Foreign Language Teaching
Person as Subject
  • Elementary foreign language teachers and students.

(30 min Conference Paper, English)