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The Learning Conference 2003

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Design Web

Dr Ed Vos.

In this paper we develop the ideas surrounding a computer assisted knowledge management framework for the design and development of University courses, which we call “DesignWeb”. With the advent of web-based delivery potential, many university staff have experimented with various e-tools to assist and enhance their courses. While the evolution of web-based delivery can legitimately lead to multiple delivery strategies and philosophies, DesignWeb offers a framework within which these e-tools can be assessed in terms of their usefulness (fitness for purpose) specifically in the context of designing and developing university courses. The view is that providing a strategic structure to the e-tools now available can enhance the university learning and teaching experiences.


Dr Ed Vos  (New Zealand)
Associate Professor of Finance

  • Design
  • Platform
  • Alignment
  • Computer based delivery

(30 min Conference Paper, English)