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The Learning Conference 2003

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Curriculum in the Age of the Clone

Jason J. Wallin.

"Curriculum in the age of the clone" reads educational practice as inscribed within a metanarrative haunted by the phantasms of repetition and perfection. Collapsing into the virtual, curricular "reality" serves as an alibi legitimizing the circulation of positivistic signs while absenting Heidegger's notion of being-towards-death. The clone evades the historicity of tradition and the fecundity of the new, instead recirculating The Same under the guise of human progress. With the regress of production into virtuality, the clone serves as one more example of the proliferation of consumption, extending a model of mass industrialization into all cultural spheres.


Jason J. Wallin  (Canada)
Faculty of Education Graduate Division of Educational Research
The University of Calgary

Jason Wallin is a graduate of the University of Calgary’s Early Childhood Education Program. He is currently a teacher at Fish Creek Elementary School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is working on his MA in Curriculum Studies, with particular interest in critical studies.

  • Virtual reality
  • Critical theory
  • Semiotics

(Virtual Presentation, English)