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The Learning Conference 2003

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JDESK: A Web-Based Discrete Event

Inmaculada García.

Web-based simulation is a powerful skill for e-learning. Simulation gives concrete answers to the students questions. This paper presents JDESK, a web-based discrete event simulator write in Java. It is fast, versatile and powerful enough to manage whatever system. This simulator allows to describe and change a model easily, so, JDESK could be used as a prototyper. Although it allows to simulate any system behavior, It includes libraries containing predefined behaviors to allow students define simple models easily. This simulator allows changing dynamically system topology. Also, it allows to include any continuous or discrete behavior in the system. JDESK can manage models with high complexity and size. The programmer only focuses on the model description, not in events or programming bugs. The effort to describe a behavior can be reused (in the same model or others). The programmer can implement the definition of the behavior functions.


Inmaculada García

  • Discrete events
  • Simulation
  • Web-based simulator
  • Java
  • e-learning.

(Virtual Presentation, English)