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The Learning Conference 2003

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Advanced Materials: Emerging Skills, Knowledge and Perspectives

Dr Orest Cap, Dr Victor Semenovych, Dr Ihor Cap.

In this paper the authors present a comparative model between conventional and advanced technologies and materials and their application and uses in six industrial sectors. It also strsses the need for education to make sure its programs are firmly anchored in a network of industries, not just conventional ones, but hwhere practical with new industries using advanced materials and processes. Today our modern society is constantly faced with dramatic economic and technological changes. Innovations, expcially on the materials sector are occurring around us at an exponential rate. It is getting very difficult to locate manufacturing industries that do not make use in some way of advanced materials. the reasons are varied, but heir low cost, durability and ecological friendliness are imprtant incentives. Surrounded by this turmoil. its science, technology and human ecology education teachers fine that they are immune from such changes, If they are to survive this techonological avalanche they must make every effort to propel themselves and their programs into the XXI century. the richness of conventional technologies and materials.


Dr Orest Cap  (Canada)
Professor of Education
Faculty of Education
University of Manitoba

Dr Orest Cap is a Professor of Technology, Human Ecology and Vactional-Technical Teacher Education, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Education University of Manitoba and Member of the Ukrainian Academy of arts and Sciences in Canada.

Dr Victor Semenovych  (Canada)
Science Teacher
Carmen Collegiate Carmen

Victor Semenovych, formerly with the Institute for Superhard Materials, and the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Kyiv, Ukraine. He is currently teaching physics at Carmen Collegiate, Carmen, Manitoba Canada

Dr Ihor Cap  (Canada)
Program Development Coordinator
Manitoba Education, Training and Youth

Ihor Cap is program Development Coordinator with Manitoba Advanced of Arts and Sciences in Canada and Chair for the American Society for Quality-manitoba Section

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