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The Learning Conference 2003

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Creating opportunities for new learning with ICT

Yelland Nicola.

This paper interrogates the ways in which ICT are used in learning contexts that were designed to facilitate children's learning in innovative ways. It explores the ways in which engagement with ideas and mathematical thinking is experienced by students in tasks that encourage problem solving across traditional curriculum boundaries within a new basics/ essential learning framework


Yelland Nicola  (Australia)
Professor and Head of department
Faculty of Education , Languages and Community Services
RMIT Uinversity

Professor Nicola Yelland is Head of the Department of School and Early Childhood Education at the RMIT University in Melbourne. Professor Yelland is an active researcher who is interested in the ways in which new information and communications technologies can enhance teaching and learning contexts. Her research has been supported by funding from the ARC and she is currently the editor of an on line refereed research journal entitled Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood ( )and the series editor for Routledge Falmer of New York city for a series entitled Changing Images of Early Childhood. Professor Yelland publishes extensively and works in the international arena most particularly in the USA. She is the editor of three books and the author of one. More recently Prof. Yelland conducted seminars and workshops in the US related to the effective use of ICT in teacher education and professional practice. Her current ARC research projects focus on examinations of young children’s learning with computer games in school and in out of school contexts, conceptualizations of numeracy with ICT, an investigation of the new basics and young children’s use of technologies in home and school.

  • New learning with ICT
  • New basics
  • Learning with ICT

(30 min Conference Paper, English)