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The Learning Conference 2003

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Parent Teacher Association As Learning Organisation: The Malaysian Experience

Ismi Arif Ismail.

The notion of informal learning in the workplace has been recognised as the order of the day. Research on the theory and practice of learning organisation aspires to offer how it works in creating efficient working practice. Similar to other organisations, schools and Parent Teacher Associations are open to evolving academic, economic, political, social and cultural challenges. The paper discusses the need for carving the learning organisation in Parent Teacher Association (PTA). It is based on a qualitative case study research conducted in Selangor, Malaysia. Semi structured interviews carried out with PTA committee members, parents and teachers act as the primary data for this inquiry. The study unmasked the nature of learning organisation in PTA and how it can be sustained as one of the organisations of the future.


Ismi Arif Ismail  (United Kingdom)
{LINE 1} Department Of Professional Development And Continuing Education {LINE 2} Faculty Of Educational Studies
Universiti Putra Malaysia

I am a lecturer at the Department Of Professional Development and Continuing Education, Faculty Of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia. I was a secondary school teacher from 1993 to 2000 before joining the university. Currently, I'm a student reading for the degree of Ph.D in Continuing Education at the Institute Of Education, University Of Warwick. My areas of specialisation are in continuing education, leadership and human resource development.

  • Parent Teacher Association, Learning Organisation,
  • Informal Learning in the Workplace, Leadership

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