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The Learning Conference 2003

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Museum Influences on Classroom Practices in Adult Literacy

Daryl Evans.

Over recent years, increased investment in museums and interactive displays have contributed to changing student expectations of visits to museums and galleries. As a result, teachers may well need to think up new ways to use the museum excursion, both real and virtual, as learning experience. However, developments in the museum excursion should also suggest ways for teachers to change teaching practices back in the classroom itself.

This discussion explores some specific changes within the adult literacy context: visual environments (example, Wall Education); student self-management of learning (through Project Management); issues to do with public versus public ownership of artefact and knowledge (example, Family Story Telling); competing funds for specialist versus popularised culture (example, Kitchen Science).


Daryl Evans  (Australia)
Department of Adult Literacy and Work Education
Victoria University

Practitioner, curriculum developer and professional development in adult literacy for 28 years. Emerging involvement in research. Continued interest in community development.

  • Museums
  • Visual learning environment Interactivity
  • Adult literacy

(Virtual Presentation, English)