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The Learning Conference 2003

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Assessing the Language Proficiency of Overseas Trained Teachers: Linguistic, Social and Ethical Concerns

Jill Murray.

Overseas trained primary and secondary teachers who have gained the majority of their qualifications in non English speaking countries must demonstrate that they have an adequate level of proficiency in English to be able to teach in Australian schools. However the competencies which these teachers require go beyond simple constructs like accuracy and fluency, into sociolinguistic and cultural realms that are not at all simple to assess. This paper describes the development and trialling of the assessment tool which is currently used for this purpose, and discusses the ethical issues involved in balancing the needs of the overseas teachers, their colleagues and their students


Jill Murray  (Australia)
Head of Department, Language Teacher Education
Institute of Languages
University of New South Wales

Jill Murray teaches postgraduate TESOL students and is also involved in language testing and the in-service training of community language teachers.
Her research interests include language acquisition, teacher professional development and
spoken discourse.

  • Teacher Development
  • Language Assessment

(30 min Conference Paper, English)