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The Learning Conference 2003

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Use of Action Research in Technology Decision Making

Dr Steven R. Aragon.

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it has become challenging for faculty and administrators to make decisions on the best practices that will lead to positive student outcomes. It has become evident with the recent passage of educational legislation that, in many countries, scientifically based research is becoming an essential component of education. An example of scientifically based research would be an evaluation that measures a group of students who are learning how to read with different methods, and then compare experimentally the results to see which method is working best.

As a classroom teacher, faculty member, and/or administrator attempts to implement technology, much of this legislation requires new models for decision making. The purpose of this presentation is to give a brief overview of experimental research designs (i.e., static group comparison) that could be implemented in action research projects.

Upon completion of the presentation of the experimental design models, participants will then engage in an interactive discussion which will require them to identify possible technology based instructional decisions they may be required to make as teachers and administrators. This portion of the session will give the participants an opportunity to think about how these technology-based instructional decisions could be made using the experimental action research model.

The results of this type of session will have impact to policy makers, administers, educators, and students. This will take experimental and action research and place it into a context that can be utilized in practice. This session will also develop numerous fruitful ideas for research that can be conducted in multiple educational settings.


Dr Steven R. Aragon

  • Action Research in Technology Decisions
  • Technology Decision Making

(60 min Workshop, English)