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The Learning Conference 2003

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NASA Programs Enhance Content-based Language Learning

Teresa J Kennedy.

Content-based foreign language programs introduce students to second languages, as well as promote collaboration among teachers of different disciplines to create an integrated environment for student learning. NASA Education provides age appropriate international programs and standards-based curriculum materials for K-12 teachers and students. Research has shown that students in programs that utilize interdisciplinary, content-based instruction make language gains equal or superior to those in traditional classrooms; learn large amounts of subject matter in less time; develop more positive attitudes toward the target language they study because it is presented in a meaningful context; show increased self-confidence in their ability to use the target language; and express an interest in pursuing its study. The main idea is that all input must be comprehensible to the learner and be offered in such a way as to allow for multiple opportunities to understand and use the language. The paper provides sample programs and NASA products successfully being incorporated into the language classroom.


Teresa J Kennedy  (United States)
Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Education
College of Education
University of Idaho

Dr. Kennedy is an Assistant Professor of Foreign Language education at the University of Idaho. She also serves as the NASA Broker Facilitator for Idaho and the Deputy Chief Educator for the International GLOBE Program in Washington D.C.

  • Interdisciplinary Language Programs.
  • The GLOBE Program.
  • NASA Education.
  • Content-based Foreign Language Teaching.

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