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The Learning Conference 2003

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Hijacking the Learning Process: Integrating Services for Children and Families

Vicki Banham.

The concept of integrated family services embodies and values the role of children, families and the community as an integrated whole of early childhood care and education. It acknowledges the family as the child's first teacher. It provides a service in collaboration with children, families and the community that supports and enhances children's learning for life. It lays the foundation for children's learning for life through an enriching environment that facilitates the development of cognitive skills. It contributes to and supports the development of social skills as children gain understandings of their emotions and establish a foundation for relating to others. It plays a critical role in the composition of children's central attitudes and values. Such a service recognises that learning is an intricate and complex process primarily controlled by the learner and facilitated by family, teachers and others in contact with the learner. The ability of a child as a learner is dependent upon the child's health and well being, prior knowledge and experience, ability to develop understandings and concepts of the world around them and motivation to experience and engage. This unique factors determines the child's expectation and contours the learning experience and outcomes.

This paper outlines a framework for integrated learning and suggests why barriers and firewalls may be set up that hijack the holistic learning process for children.


Vicki Banham  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Community Services, Education & Social Sciences
Edith Cowan University

Dr Banham is a Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University. Her work is spread across two countries, Australia and Singapore. She has developed, implemented and now coordinates undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Childhood & Family Education in Singapore. She is the Australian Federal Chair of the Accreditation Decisions Review Committee. She has developed a framework for bridging the learning process from study to community for university students. Dr Banham holds membership to a number of Boards of Management in community and research contexts. Her interests lie in the learning process and how that process is understood and delivered to learners in a holistic approach.

  • Integrated Learning
  • Holistic Framework for Learning
  • Process of Learning
  • Early Learning

(30 min Conference Paper, English)