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The Learning Conference 2003

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Play, Teaching and Learning - How is the Combination Possible?: Play and Learning

Kalliroi Papadopoulou.

Although play is viewed as a main feature of childhood and its role has been pointed out as especially fruitful for teaching young children, little research consideration has been given to its relevance for development and learning especially after the pre-school years.

The present paper examines the literature on the relationship between play, teaching and learning and suggests the usefulness of viewing play as a learning process, both in its 'spontaneous' occurrences as well as in the context of instruction. In so doing, the paper builds upon a Vygotskian conceptualisation of play as creating “zones of proximal development” and more particularly as an instantiation of learning leading development in the ZPD.


Kalliroi Papadopoulou  (Greece)
Lecturer in Developmental Psychology
Department of Early Childhood Education
University of Athens

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, University of Athens, Department of Early Childhood Education; BA Psychology, University of Massachusetts/Amherst USA; PhD Sussex University UK; Current interests: Prevention in early childhood, play, emotional development

  • Play
  • Zone of Proximal Development
  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Instruction
  • Vygotsky

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