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The Learning Conference 2003

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Teaching in the Workplace: The Teacher's Role in the Workplace Setting

Vivienne Decleva.

The paper discusses the changing role of teachers in vocational education and training. The introduction of workplace competencies in vocational education has shifted the emphasis from classroom to workplace learning. The paper discusses how teachers, of a course in Certificate III, Human Services Education (Aged Care Work), contributed to positive learning by supporting and guiding students and staff of two Nursing Homes that were part for workplace setting.

The discussion centres on the teachersí role in responding to studentsí individual learning styles. It describes the support given to students and to staff.

During their workplace learning experience students were able to acknowledge and use their individual learning style to fit and adapt to the expectations of the workplace and to acquire the competencies and attitudes expected of a Certificate III, Aged Care Worker.


Vivienne Decleva  (Australia)
Coordinator/ teacher, Certificate III Human Services Education, Aged Care Work
Human Services Education
Centre for Adult Education

Vivienne Decleva is a nurse and educator who has taught for many years in the fields of Nursing and Human Services. Her expertise is working with students with different learning styles and needs and in the use of accelerated learning strategies to assist learning.

  • Vocational Education and Training.
  • Changing Role of Vocational Teachers.
  • Workplace Learning Experience
  • Individual Learning Styles

(30 min Conference Paper, English)