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The Learning Conference 2003

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Preservice Teacher Education: Involvement of Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Associate Professor Chris Forlin.

The education of teachers has traditionally focused on preparing them to teach in either regular classes or in special education facilities. This has resulted in most teachers in regular schools believing that they do not have the required skills to cater for students with special needs in their generalist classes. With the current movement towards the inclusion of students with high support needs and in particular those with intellectual disabilities most regular class teachers are now being asked to cater for students with increasingly diverse abilities. This paper considers an innovative approach for preservice teacher training in order to prepare teachers for inclusive education. By utilising an incursion activity students with intellectual disabilities from a local high school participated with preservice teachers in tutorials. The benefits to all participants are discussed by way of enhancing inclusivity.


Associate Professor Chris Forlin  (Australia)
Coordinator of special education
School of Education
Edith Cowan University

Dr Chris Forlin has a broad range of professional teaching experience. She has taught in primary, secondary and special education and has lectured at university for the past eleven years. Her major research is related to different aspects of inclusive education, particularly focusing on support for students with learning difficulties and identifying potential stressors and coping strategies for teachers. She has published widely in international journals and has presented in numerous professional conferences.

  • Inclusion
  • Inclusive Education
  • Special Education
  • Preservice Teacher Training

(30 min Conference Paper, English)