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The Learning Conference 2003

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Problem-based Service Learning in a Preservice Teacher Education Program

Linda Stonecipher, Mary C. M. Bucy.

Using Kolb's model of experiential learning as a theoretical framework, we embedded problem-based service learning (PBSL) as an integral element in our preservice teacher education program. PBSL is an approach which fosters active learning and is concomitantly consistent with the goals of education reform.

One of the essential components of PBSL is the integration of content and technology. By participating in a community mapping activity during the first term of our education program, students have the opportunity to integrate content and technology in creative ways. This presentation will describe the development, implementation, and assessment of the community mapping project as it has evolved during the past three years. We will demonstrate two types of mapping software: Neighborhood Map Machine, and Geographic Information Systems. We will share examples of students' projects along with both quantitative and qualitative analyses of data from six cohorts of students who have completed the community mapping project.


Linda Stonecipher  (United States)
Professor of Health Education
Division of Health and Physical Education
Western Oregon University

Linda Stonecipher received her Ph. D. in health education from Purdue University. She joined the faculty at Western Oregon University in 1994 where she is currently serving as chair of the Division of Health and Physical Education. Her research interests include two distinctly different tracks: motivational determinants of health habits and outcomes related to problem based service learning in a teacher education program.

Mary C. M. Bucy  (United States)
Instructor in Teacher Education
Division of Teacher Education
Western Oregon University

Mary Bucy teaches Technology Integration in the Undergraduate Teacher Education program, and graduate classes in Information Technology at Western Oregon University. She is currently completing a doctorate in Distance Education.

  • Service Learning
  • Problem-based Learning
  • Technology Integration

(30 min Conference Paper, English)