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The Learning Conference 2003

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From the Classroom to the Newsroom: Teaching Media Writing

Michael Hoechsmann.

This workshop/presentation will draw on the experience of teaching youth to write for publication in Canadian newspapers and on the Internet. For four years, I worked as the Director of Education for Young People's Press, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving youth a "voice" in the mainstream media.

Teaching youth to write for newspaper publication requires a "deschooling" of their writing practices and the presentation of new genres of writing, an appreciation of writing as storytelling, new forms of legitimating "truth claims", a sensitivity to a politically and culturally diverse "mass audience", a loss of control over the final edits and presentation of their articles and the hazards of spectacularization of the writer and/or the subject matter.


Michael Hoechsmann  (Canada)
Assistant Professor
Department of Integrated Studies in Education
McGill University

Michael Hoechsmann - the former Director of Education at Young People’s Press, a national news service for youth, 14-24 - teaches in the Faculty of Education at McGill University. His reseach interests include youth, cultural studies, media studies and multiliteracies.

  • Media, by and for youth
  • Popular education
  • Cultural studies

(30 min Conference Paper, English)