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The Learning Conference 2003

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Literature-based Learning in Rural Jamaican Schools: A Study of the Impact of Liteature-Based Literacy Teaching and Learning Approaches in Rural Jamaican Primary and All Age Schools

Kevin Walsh.

This study will provide a narrative account of recent initiatives focusing on the role of children's literature in literacy teaching and learning.
The study will document the place of literature-based teaching and learning in the Revised Primary Curriculum, pre-service teacher preparation and in-service teacher training.
Theories and perspectives on literature-based teaching and learning will be explored.
Teachers', student teachers' and children's attitudes towards literature will be examined.
The study will also assess the impact of literature-based teaching and learning methodologies on children's performance in literacy.


Kevin Walsh  (Jamaica)
Technical Adviser

Jamaica All Age Schools Project

Former primary school teacher and head teacher in UK. Worked as a mathematics curriculum development volunteer in Maldives and as a technical adviser for mathemaics and literacy curriculum development in Solomon Islands. Currently technical adviser for literacy and learning support with the Jamaica All Age Schools Project, working with remote rural schools in Jamaica.

  • Literature-based teaching and learning.
  • Literature studies in pre-service teacher preparation.
  • Theories and perspectives on literature-based teaching and learning.

(30 min Conference Paper, English)