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The Learning Conference 2003

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Fostering Deeper Learning: LearningSpace 5.0 in a Chinese University

Hongyan Ma, Xubin Cao, Yong Lu.

LearningSpace is very new to Chinese higher education. South-western University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) is no doubt an early adopter of IBM LearningSpace 5.0. The Modern Educational Technology Center of this university is going to test this online learning platform in departments such as Finance, Accounting, MBA, Insurance, Foreign Languages, etc. How could Learning Space provide an effective online learning environment to promote more student-centered experience?

According to Carmean and Haefner in an article, "Mind Over Matter: Transforming Course Management Systems in Effective Learning Environments", EDUCAUSE REVIEW, Nov/Dec 2002, effective online learning should enhance deeper learning that will encourage engagement, require student ownership, and involve contextual, social and active learning. DiSessa's (2000) in Changing Minds: Computers, Learning and Literacy describes that deeper learning is learning with pleasure and commitment, and learning more easily, but at the same time, learning more.

How can LearningSpace 5.0 be adopted to enhance deeper learning? What are the students’ expectations for online learning? How could the university manage courses by using LearningSpace to meet students' needs for more effective learning? What are the problems and promises of using LearningSpace in a Chinese university?

Two surveys will be conducted in this study. The first survey will be done before the actual use of LearningSpace. A random sample of 1,000 students will be asked to answer survey questions about their expectations for effective learning and learning online. When LearningSpace is put into use in February, 2003, the second survey will be done to check the students’ reactions to the use of LearningSpace.

Since online learning is a new field in Chinese higher education, our study will provide us with meaningful insights into effective online learning environment in Chinese education.


Hongyan Ma  (United States)
PhD student
Department of Educational Studies
Ohio University

Hongyan Ma is a doctoral student in Instructional Technology at Ohio University and a research associate for the National Science Foundation grant, “Getting the Media Message”. Her adviser is Dr. Sandra Turner. She was formerly a Lecturer of English as a Second Language at South-western University of Finance and Economics in China. Her research interests include learning experiences using the Internet, project-based learning activities, and constructivist learning environment.

Xubin Cao  (China)
Office of Computer Aided Instruction, Modern Educational Technology Centre
South-Western University of Finance and Economics

Xubin Cao is the Director of the office of CAI at South-western University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE). Cao is now in charge of the project of LearningSpace 5.0 at SWUFE.

Yong Lu  (United States)
PhD student
Department of Educational Studies
Ohio University

Yong Lu is a doctoral student of Instructional Technology at Ohio University and a Graduate Assistant for the PT3 Grant. His interests include E-learning and wireless Internet.

  • Deeper Learning
  • Online Learning
  • LearningSpace 5.0
  • Higher Education

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