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The Learning Conference 2003

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'A Practical Approach to Multiple Intelligences Theory: Its Implemention to an Elementary School.'

Mania Ziridis.

All human beings possess all of the intelligences, but we differ in our relative strengths and weaknesses. MI theory suggests that intelligences change and grow. Intelligence is learnable, you can get smarter. Our profiles of intelligence change. Moreover, a single intelligence may manifest itself across a number of domains

MI theory says that intelligence is demonstrated in real world contexts, in the problems individuals solve and things they make (real world problem-solving and product making). This is why intelligence cannot be properly or fully assessed when using only a paper and pencil approach, which also reflects a psychometric approach to intelligence, that is contrary to the MI theory. MI theory also claims that intelligence is learnable, you can get smarter.

Advantages of the MI approach:
MI theory helps create an opening into the creation of much more vibrant learning environments in which all kinds of minds can be encouraged to do their best work. MI theory can provide support for creating such environments.

Based on the MI theory, we seek to nurture each child's unique potential by providing educational experiences geared to individual learning styles, abilities, interests and academic needs.

Teachers are always seeking ways to engage students in a particular topic or skill. Developing ways to approach a topic that draw on students' particular strengths and interests can help them do so.

MI theory confirms what many educators believe: that students possess a range of abilities that standard classroom fare neither acknowledges, celebrates, nor nurtures.

Often, students see themselves as failures, having low self-esteem and feelings of incompetence when it comes to school. By using the MI theory, teachers can counter this negative self-conception and boost students' self-esteem through reflection activities that identify and validate students' strengths.


Mania Ziridis

New Generation School Private Greek School PK-grade 12

  • MI Theory

(60 min Workshop, English)