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The Learning Conference 2003

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Challenges, Changes, and Commitment: Minority Students Achieving Success

Carlota Rodriguez.

As educators we are faced with the major challenge of improving the academic achievement of minority students. As minority populations continue to increase, schools are faced with two questions. Why are minority students so often under-represented in college bound programs? What can an individual school do about this? Join us and discuss how one Title I high school is using various programs not only to recruit minority students into challenging academic course works but also using effective practices to retain them. We'll learn exactly what it took for this school to take the challenge, implement the changes, and commit themselves to the success and development of their African American and Hispanic students.


Carlota Rodriguez  (United States)
Gifted and Talented Enrichment Specialist
Northside ISD
John Jay High School

Carlota Rodriguez serves as the schoolwide enrichment specialist for John Jay High School in Northside ISD, San Antonio, Texas. Carlota has been active wiht the Collee Board as a consultant to the Texas public schools conference for administrators, AP coordinators, and guidance counselors. Equitl and excellence is her goal as she promotes access for al students to rigorous and challenging course work and provides her campus teachers wit content specific strategies that enforce rigot and relevance in the curriculum. She is the AP coordinator, and under her direction the AP program has nearly doubled in student participation, along wiht opening doors for Hispanic and Afican American students. On her list of accopplishments is the organization or vertical alignemnt, involvement wiht PSAT/SAT prep programs has opened doors for students and has created a significant increase in scores an college placement, thereby helping students reach educational goals. She is also a member of the Executive Board for the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented.

  • Minority Students
  • Hispanic
  • African American

(60 min Workshop, English)